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Proactive Academic Counseling of Illinois

Proactive Academic Counseling of Illinois is devoted to providing extraordinary in-home, school and community-based services that are customized to support the educational needs of each child we serve.

Our goal is to improve academic outcomes by supporting the development of skills that build stronger relational bonds, improve self-confidence, self-advocacy, and strengthen connectedness to the community.

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What is Proactive Counseling?

Proactive Academic Counseling (PAC) is an intensive, in-home, therapeutic intervention designed to support the academic and socioemotional growth of high-risk students. PAC incorporates four key areas of focus, which include the individual, family, school and community. We then customize a treatment plan that addresses each child and their family's unique dynamics. PAC will create and implement solutions that improve synergy between the student and the systemic influences that impact socio-emotional health and academic performance.

The PAC Approach

All too often interventions are put into place without knowing the full scope of the student and their family’s strengths and deficits. This can often lead to interventions that fail because they do not meet the unknown needs of the family. PAC supports the school district in discovering the root causes of poor socio-emotional health and academic performance in identified students. The Service Providers at PAC of Illinois will tailor a service plan to the needs of the identified student and their family by meeting them where they are, both at school and at home.

Who Can PAC Support?

  • SPED students

  • Truancy cases

  • Foster/Adoption cases

  • Students showing a sudden decline in performance

  • Students showing a decline in mental health

  • Students moving into a new district

  • Students experiencing trauma from a sudden loss

  • Any student (Pre-K through 12) identified as High Risk or At Risk

Areas of Focus:


Service providers will have several therapeutic contacts per week with identified students to work on areas such as:

  • Self-advocacy skills

  • Emotional/behavioral regulation

  • Decision-making skills

  • Self/social awareness

  • Other identified needs

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Service providers will have one or more therapeutic contacts (based on need) within the home to get a better understanding of familial dynamics, strengths and deficits to provide:

  • Parent Coaching

  • Routine/Schedule-building skills

  • Financial budgeting/management

  • Home economic skills

  • Other identified needs



Service providers serve as a mediator to build alliances and trust between parents and the respective school professionals and become a partner in implementing recommended interventions in the home environment.

  • District/Community academic resource navigation

  • Improve quality of communication between school and parents

  • Support client/parent comprehension and advocacy in formal meetings (IEP, disciplinary, truancy, etc.)

  • Other identified need



Service providers will support the client/family in navigating and drawing resources from legal, formal and informal community systems.


  • Expand network of informal supports

  • Identifying/utilizing formal supports

  • Provide testimony and legal proceedings

  • Connect to financial/nutritional supplemental programs

  • Other identified needs


Contact Proactive Academic Counseling of Illinois

1755 Park Street
Suite 200 #1018
Naperville IL 60563
United States

For more information on PAC or to discuss how PAC can be implemented in your community, please contact:

Joshua Bracken at (630) 765-1979
or submit a form via our website at

Thanks for submitting!

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